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Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Jin-Long Wang

Telephone02-28824564Extension No.2701

Vice President for Academic Affairs Office
  Secretary / Pei-Hui Hsu (Grace)

Telephone02-28824564Extension No.2450
Main Duties1.Arranges the activities and schedule of the vice president.
2. Official documentation processing for Vice President for Academic Affairs Office
3.Handles various other matters.

Promoting Teaching Excellence Program Office
Deputy Director / Yi-Ying Lin

Telephone02-28824564Extension No.2452
Main Duties1. Handles related affairs for Promoting Teaching Excellence Program
2. Handles related affairs for Department Assessment

Institutional Research Office
Senior Clerk / Pei-Chen Hung (Laura)

Telephone02-28824564Extension No.2451
Main DutiesHandles related affairs for Institutional Research